monday musings: back at it

flower #7 by jamie beck | illustration by garance dore
Oh hi! Right where I left you.

So (sooooo) many things have changed since my last post (almost exactly!) a year ago. It's been one of those years that you look back and it feels like forever ago, but also, like everything just happened yesterday. A short summary of events might include:

-- quitting my job, moving to Chicago and starting grad school.

-- experiencing a lot of pain while ending relationships, but creating a lot of joy while cherishing old friends and meeting new ones.

-- living with a cat.

-- only wearing my Ohio State stuff in the house. (But seriously everyone hates us.)

-- watching dear friends find love, get engaged, get married and have babies.

-- selling my car and falling in love with public transportation.

-- no longer looking forward to Mondays. :(

-- missing everyone a lot, all the time, always.

-- being creative and being surrounded with wonderful, creative people every day. Pinch me! It's a dream.

In a few words: amazing, terrifying, challenging, inspiring. But most importantly (and why I'm here), my creative wheels have been turning - I'm excited to be back and sharing some of that. I've missed it!


  1. Your blogging return and this post makes my heart happy and makes me miss you!! xoxo


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