{closet makeover} step one :: let's see it

Here we go with the first step of our Closet Makeover: trying everything on and sorting through. I knoooow this sounds tedious and like a big waste of time, but I promise it's not! Trying something on can make you instantly remember why it has been stuck at the back of your closet for 10 years.

So, to make this process as efficient as possible, develop a "try-on template": a basic outfit that will allow you to just focus on the clothes you're trying on. For me, this means close-fitting pants, a basic tank, and....an appropriate bra {i.e. if you're trying on slinky dresses, go with a strapless; for tees, a comfortable everyday bra is good.}. Sounds silly, but you will save a lot of time and will be able to tell how the clothes would look if you were actually wearing them!

Now that you're ready, start trying on and layering!

Be brutally honest with yourself. If you consistently ignore an item of clothing, think about why - does it look worn? Is it unflattering? How long has it been in your closet? When was the last time you wore it? All of these questions should be addressed.

Remember {I had to} that you're making room for a sophisticated and useful wardrobe. I personally hold off on buying new things because of the feeling guilty about having so many clothes already, even though I don't wear the majority of them. So get rid of that literal/figurative baggage!

Make your piles:

You'll feel so accomplished when you see that final "what goes" pile! {This was mine after going through just tops.}

The next step will be discussing what to do with all those rejected clothes. Stay tuned!

{simplicity} closet makeover

Does your closet look like this all the time some days?

In an effort to minimize and simplify my life lately, I've been on an organization spree. Email accounts, office drawers, computer files - nothing is safe. Last on my list {and the most overwhelming} is my closet. Flipping through hanger upon hanger every morning is getting really old, and a major overhaul is desperately needed.

I've seen a few closet makeover series lately {mainly, here and here}, so I've decided to document mine, in the small chance I might inspire some of you to downsize and learn how to develop a more efficient wardrobe! Here are the steps I plan to follow during this journey {oh believe me, it will be a journey}:

Step 1 - Admitting you have a problem. But seriously...

{best of etsy} dainty jewelry

How pretty are these little baubles? Don't get me wrong, I love a good statement necklace or bracelet, but lately I've been drawn to tiny wisps of metal jewelry {and can you tell I'm obsessed with rose gold?}. I tried my hand at a lil' DIY ring a few months ago, but today I'm leaving it up to the experts at Etsy. These pieces are gorgeous on their own, but really make a statement when layered together - and don't be afraid to mix metals!

Which one is your favorite? 

collar necklace {DIY tutorial}

I posted this post, like, forever ago, and have finally gotten around to making this little collar necklace! Printed trim and detachable collars have been everywhere lately, and I think this makes a perfectly fun accessory for spring and summer. {I personally like it paired with a boat- or crew-neck shirt.} For a larger, looser-fitting collar, try starting with a men's oxford shirt. 

Happy DIYing!

{oxford shirt: thrifted from second chance / tee: forever 21 / jacket: cynthia rowley via tjmaxx}

monday musings

corina gown / rhinestone bow belt
maddalena gown / flower bouquet sash
feather dressjennifer behr delicate vine circlet
rhinestone blusher veil / feather fete shrug

How gorgeous is the Summer Wedding Lookbook from J.Crew? I promise I'm not one of those girls {single with a wedding Pinterest board? C'mon.}, but I just couldn't pass up sharing this beautiful collection. The simple dresses! The unexpected accessories! The undone hair and fresh makeup! #weddingperfection.

Shop the entire collection here

{friday favorites} beauty tools

To wrap up this lovely week of all-things-beauty, here's a run down of some of my current favorite misc. beauty tools and goodies. 

{from the top} 

After seeing this little baby everywhere {ex. here} and hearing rave reviews from my friend Erika, I knew I had to give it a try. I've been using it to apply my concealer, and I love the way it naturally blends my makeup {duh! it's in the name!} and how quick and easy my concealer application is now.

You probably spotted this guy yesterday while I showed you how to get that sassy cat-eye look. The weird crooked end of this brush gets your hand out of the way when lining the eye, which is awesome. I've been using a regular angled liner brush for years, but I won't go back!

Fine-haired girls out there - this one is for you. If you're afraid of teasing your hair {due to a potential "rat's nest" situation}, you must must must try teasing brushes! I was lucky enough to try out a few by Spornette, and I'm totally hooked. This specific brush is pretty large, so you can get a big section of hair teased in no time. 

But seriously, get one.

I can't stop with the pastels! I'm obsessed.  
{featured here: st. lucia lilac / shop til i drop / mint candy apple / muchi, muchi / marabou}

Have a beautiful weekend!

spring beauty {the cat-eye}

brush: e.l.f. angled liner brush / shadow: lancome - similar shade here in 'black cat'

mascara: maybelline full n' soft
The cat-eye - I'm sure you've seen it everywhere lately, in an array of shapes and sizes. On the spectrum of, say, Emma Stone to Adele, my version of the cat-eye is somewhere in between - and still subtle enough for a daytime look. The key to this look is to first draw the winged-out portion of your liner, then go back and fill in the rest. This way, you prevent an overly thick line/looking like Amy Winehouse {RIP, girl}. 

{I used a black shadow and a wet liner brush to achieve this softer look, but cream liners are a great product for an even more definition and drama. My favorite one is 'Caviar' by Smashbox!}

Do you have any beauty trends/tutorials that you'd like to see on the blog? Any burning questions about products? Leave a comment or shoot me an email - I would love any and all suggestions!

spring beauty {natural glow}

{I use} covergirl CG smoothers tinted moisturizer / stila one step correct primer / smashbox high definition concealer / benefit hoola bronzer
shadow: lancome - similar shade here in starlight

blush: NARS blush in orgasm - highly recommended!
A fresh, glowing face never goes out of style, but this look has been cropping up all over my Pinterest lately {specifically, here and here}. It's perfect for pretty spring days, no? A touch of shimmer in just the right places amplifies this look and really makes you look refreshed and awake {something I need quite often}. Add a bit of your favorite mascara and you're ready to go.

spring beauty {poppy lip color}

lipstick: covergirl lip perfection in 'spellbound'

lipstick: discontinued benefit - similar shade here in 'primrose'

lip butter: revlon color burst lip butter in 'tutti frutti'

When it comes to lipsticks, great value doesn't always mean a high price tag - which gives you even more reason to give this fun trend a whirl. Try new shades and find what color, consistency and finish work best with you and your routine. Personally I've never been a lipstick girl {too high maintenance!}, so I'm especially loving the Revlon Lip Butter that I used above - it's creamy and feels more like a balm when applied. It's also super wearable and has just the right amount of sheer color.

Will you be giving bright lip color a try this season?

monday musings {beauties}

I've been snapping away for Allie's April Photo Challenge and I've been having so much fun! Last week's topic was a portrait of someone you know {check out all the submissions here} and I used my sister and my friend Lynsey as subjects. Here are some of the outtakes, with the portrait I chose as my actual submission last.

They're too gorgeous, right?!

We're talking spring beauty trends the rest of the week here on DD {you're welcome Claire!} - so tune in!

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