...oh hi!

photo: eric cahan, 'sky series'

I've been a little MIA over here for the past week or so - remember this cryptic post? Yeah well, I've been working on that! Also, I'm running the Columbus Half Marathon this weekend. I've been a busy girl, but no complaints! 

I'll be back at it soon, but in the meantime, catch up with me on Twitter, or better yet, on Pinterest. I'm always pinning away my latest style and food inspiration - plus, I have a whole board dedicated to pugs in hats! I'm sooooo cool. 

{Oh, one more thing! Check out my latest DIY over at Piece of Chic - it's a cute one.}


  1. I'm in Cbus this weekend! Maybe I will see you Friday night(pumpkin carving...)? Good luck!

    1. yes i will see you at the pumpkin carving! can't wait :)


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