monday musings

Let's talk pastries! 

Yesterday, I had my first macaroon. {Yes, I know, I live under a rock.}

Then, I came home and had a lil' photoshoot with them! They're too pretty not to capture, right?

My favorite {so far} is the coconut creme - the coconut buttercream is sooo light and perfect. 

I used to be a HUGE pastry eater. Donuts, muffins, cookies - I could eat them to no end. In college, my sweet tooth went away for a while and was replaced with a penchant for salt, cheese and all snacks of that nature {shout out to late-night pizza!}. But lately, the sweet cravings are back in full force - I can't eat or bake enough of them! 

So anywho, what's your favorite baked good? Do you crave sweet or salty? Let's discuss this important topic. 

Happy Monday! {oh and, stay tuned for some AWESOME pastry goodness at the end of the week. Seriously, be excited!}


  1. I'm a sweets girl to the core! Missy, of Yellow Duck Cookies is my roommate - I always, always have cookies around the apt. Andddd this is why I have a gym membership.

    Shockingly, I've never had a macaroon either - but I think that needs to change. ASAP

    Happy Monday, dollface!

    1. oh my gosh, freshly baked cookies around the house at all times?! that sounds like a blessing and a curse. :)

  2. I crave salt like a maniac - but during pregnancy I was alllll about the sweets (thus the gaining of 50 lbs) However, nothing beats the chocolate/salty combo!!

  3. I love sweets and salty food, but if given a choice sweets would always win. These macaroons look delish though.


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