monday musings

It's Monday! Let's talk fitness.

For the past few years I've considered myself to be mainly a runner, but I'm recently I'm looking for a change of pace - ha! Here are a few new (to me) workout regimens that have me intrigued.

Pure Barre : an intense mix of ballet and pilates. Fun yet effective!

Body Pump : incorporates heavy weights and high reps for a notoriously body-changing workout. You won't be able to find this everywhere, but usually gyms offer similar classes - I'm excited to try Urban Iron at my gym!

Crossfit : a program dedicated to strength training and conditioning, and allows members to be part of a larger fitness community. I'm not ready to drink the kool-aid on the Crossfit lifestyle just yet, but the workouts do seem wild!

And there's nothing like new workout gear for a little motivation.

How do you mix up you workout routine? Share your tips in the comments!


  1. Love the "sweat like a pig to look like a fox"! I need new running shoes desperately, especially since I'm finally getting my butt in gear for bikini season (beach trip + two weddings in August = need to run!).

    I also really like yoga to mix things up. Pure Barre sounds awesome, but it's so expensive!

  2. LOVE this post! I finally took the plunge and tried Body Pump and I'm obsessed. Still not ready to drink the CrossFit kool-aid either...someday though.

  3. I wish my gym had body pump! There's probably something like it though...


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