monday musings

Today begins my first juice cleanse - eeks! I'm taking part in the Piece of Chic DIY Juice Cleanse Challenge - three days of veggie + fruit juice, with one small protein meal per day. Doesn't sound too bad, right? ...don't answer that.

Here's our tasty juice recipe for day one:

Apple + Beet Veggie Juice {Day One}
serves one, for the entire day

- six apples
- six beets
- seven large carrots
- seven pieces of celery
- four whole cucumbers
- juice of three lemons
  1. Juice all of the produce. Did you know that you local health food store {i.e. Whole Foods, Giant Eagle Market District, etc.} will take your list of ingredients and juice everything for you? Amazing!
  2. Drink 8 oz. (1 cup) of juice every hour, for eight hours. Enjoy!

Wish me luck! Leave a comment if you're also taking the Juice Cleanse Challenge.


  1. this sounds so easy and actually tasty..... need to try. let us know if it is actually good tasting!

    1. it was good! a little more "vegetable-y" than i was expecting, but definitely tasty!


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