I'm a total coconut fiend - I love the smell, taste, and pretty much everything about this tropical little fruit. Mixed with fruit, dipped in chocolate, or simply scenting your favorite lotion, there are just so many ways to enjoy coconut! Here are just a few of my latest coconut-ty obsessions.

  1. Aruba Coconut Lotion, Bath and Body Works : my friend Erika introduced me to this deliciously tropical lotion - it's light and smells amazing. Bath and Body Works...who knew?
  2. Trader Joe's Coconut Oil : foodies everywhere are going wild over the fact that Trader Joe's has started selling coconut oil. This huge jar is only $5.99! I bought one this weekend, and actually used the oil as a deep conditioner for my hair! It worked wonders {softness and shine!} but I'm super excited to cook and bake with the oil as well. 
  3. Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo + Conditioner : love the light smell and intense conditioning of this set. And it's sulfate-free!
  4. Cocoa Coconut Bits : blogs should be illegal during juice cleanses.


  1. omggggg want want want those coconut bits!!! And I also use the Organix shampoo!!! I'm a little coo coo for coconuts!

  2. I just had coconut flavored La Croix sparkling water for the first time the other week and am in looove! Best summer drink ever.

    1. YES! i love la croix coconut - i should have included it!

  3. a) i used that shampoo this morning. b) i am totally making those bits. c) i LOVE coconut thus am a huge fan of this post.


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