things i'm afraid to tell you

I've just loved reading these posts from a few of my friends {Allie, Jess and Janine, all sparked by this post}, and I couldn't resist doing one of my own. The online world {whether it's your favorite blog or the Facebook profile of some random from high school} usually highlights only the good and is often lacking in real-ness. I know this is a departure from what I usually talk about, but, I guess that's the point. So let's get real for a sec.

  • I can't afford half most of the things I blog about. 
  • I really have no idea what I'm doing with my life. The next step is a complete mystery to me. Sometimes that thought is scary, sometimes it's exhilarating...but most of the time it's scary.
  • I'm extremely grumpy most days while at work. 
  • I tend to be introverted. Sometimes I have to force myself into being social - I wish it came easier to me. 
  • I do laundry wayyyy too infrequently.
  • Sometimes being single is awesome, and some of the time it sucks. I really hate that you can't admit to the latter without sounding pathetic.

What are you afraid to admit? If you blog too, please share - but even if you don't, I hope this post gets you thinking! Have a wonderful weekend.


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