a lil' announcement

So, oooone more thing...

I'm really excited to tell everyone that I will be serving as the DIY Contributor over at Piece of Chic!  Piece of Chic is a fantastic new fashion and lifestyle forum, brought to you by the wonderful Erika and her Piece of Chic team. Expect to see tons of fabulous fashion spreads {she's the fashion editor for 614 Magazine!}, style inspiration, beauty advice, healthy recipes, and so much more.

I know you'll love Piece of Chic - and stay tuned for some delightful DIYs from yours truly!


  1. That is AWESOME news! Can't wait to read more Halle :)

    1. thanks Bets! your crafty little self will have to give me a hand with my projects! ;)

  2. congrats Halle!!!


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