{closet makeover} step two :: recycle

Hey there! Time to pick up where we left off in the Closet Makeover series {catch up with step one here}: recycling the clothes you're ready to give up. I specifically say recycling because there are sooo many options for giving your old clothes a great new home! Here are just a few:

- Donate: to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, clothing pantry. You can also auction your clothing online for charity at Shop Goodwill
Sell: to one of many resale shops in your area {my favorites in Columbus are Rag-O-Rama and Second Chance.
Give: to someone you love. This often means my sister for me!
Host: your own clothing swap with your friends! I love this idea.

So, from the pile you were left with after step one, start separating everything into piles. Mine looked like this:

When choosing things to give/sell/donate, make sure to look for rips, stains, tears. If any piece of clothing is in really bad shape, chuck it. Fortunately, my trash pile only contained two items!

For the "To Sell" pile, keep the current season in mind. Resale shops are going to turn around and put your clothes in the store that day, so they're only going to want to buy seasonal clothing. For that reason, I made a "wrong season" pile full of sweaters and winter clothes, which I'll keep to sell in the fall. Also, quality matters here - look for higher-end brands and things that look only gently worn to stick in this pile.

And just a reminder, before you recycle:

Don't be gross. 

Tune in tomorrow when we continue onto step three: closet reorg time!

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