{closet makeover} step three :: reorg

Now that you've tried everything on and recycled your unwanted clothing, it's time for the fun stuff - step three: reorganizing your closet. Maybe I'm the only one that finds joy in organizing, but it's essential to gaining that functional and fabulous wardrobe that we're striving for!

Start by organizing your clothes in the way that's best for you: whether it's by type, color, season, whatever! Personally, I organize by sleeve/skirt length, and then by color within each category - but tailor {har har} your closet to you.

Since my closet still leaves something to be desired, here are a few items on my organization wishlist.

{these are actually tights but I love this idea for scarves!}

So, what's in your dream closet?

Next week we'll be discussing setting budgets and responsible shopping - eek! Stay tuned.


  1. Dream closet would be an entire curio cabinet or shelving system for my shoes! I love the idea of displaying seasonal accessories and having a jewelry board (the only problem for me is that most of my earrings are studs—trying to figure out how to make that work for a little shadowbox).

    Looking forward to next week's post. Sounds like a doozy!

    1. oh my gosh - a separate space for JUST shoes would be a dream! i love the idea for an earring shadowbox - let me know how it turns out!


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