{closet makeover} step 5 :: shop responsibly

Today is the final day of double D's Closet Makeover series! This step is probably the most important of them all, because it will give us the tools to shop responsibly for years to come. What's the saying...teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime? This is like that. Kind of.

1. Set a budget. Whether it's weekly, monthly or seasonally, setting a budget helps you keep yourself in line. For my personal budgeting, I use Mint.com! I love it - enter all your financial information {it's secure, don't worry!} and you will have a neat and organized look at how you spend you money. For me, it's been a wake-up call to see how much I spend on shopping! And, it's super easy to use:

With the "rollover" feature, it's easy to save up for something special!

2. Create a wishlist. We've already made our wardrobe staples list - and while these items are the most important, a girl cannot survive on staples alone! Rather than running wild and trying every new trend, make a wishlist. Itemize your current trend crushes in order guide how you shop. For example, my summer wishlist looks a little something like this:

You can make your wishlist by dog-earing catalogs, bookmarking on your computer, or by using Pinterest. Now that you can visualize and organize your lust-worthy items, you can save and shop accordingly.

3. Quality > Quantity. This one is pretty simple - rather than going on a Forever 21 binge that results in $100 worth of cheap dresses and jewelry, save that money for one or two special items {whether it be one of your staples or from your wishlist} that will last a whole heck of a lot longer. Over time, you will build a beautiful wardrobe full of high-quality pieces. 

So, now that you've got the tools to go out in the world and shop smart, it's time to:

Now that you have a chic closet full of style staples and trendy bits, it's easy! Take care of your clothes, get them dry-cleaned and tailored when necessary, and keep things organized.

I highly recommend going through this process. It's tedious and time-consuming, but it feels great to purge your home of all the unwanted junk! Thanks for following along on my mission for a better closet.

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  1. This is the first time I've heard of Mint.com and I found it beneficial and valuable because it helps in summarizing the history of shopping expenses over the months. And while it's true that allotting a specific budget per week is a positive indicator of excellent management. It also helps strengthen that icon when following the two tips below.

    1. i'm so glad to have introduced you to mint! i love it.


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