{simplicity} closet makeover

Does your closet look like this all the time some days?

In an effort to minimize and simplify my life lately, I've been on an organization spree. Email accounts, office drawers, computer files - nothing is safe. Last on my list {and the most overwhelming} is my closet. Flipping through hanger upon hanger every morning is getting really old, and a major overhaul is desperately needed.

I've seen a few closet makeover series lately {mainly, here and here}, so I've decided to document mine, in the small chance I might inspire some of you to downsize and learn how to develop a more efficient wardrobe! Here are the steps I plan to follow during this journey {oh believe me, it will be a journey}:

Step 1 - Admitting you have a problem. But seriously...


  1. Great idea, Halle! I can't wait to see how the process goes, and I think this will be a very useful series for the rest of us too.


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