finishing touches {gift wrapping}

Let's talk gift wrapping - with showers and weddings galore lately/coming up, I've been giving a lot of
thought to the matter. Wrapping a great present in a creative, personal and thoughtful way is one of those
"adult" things that I feel everyone should master in life, like, learning how to get red wine stains out or
changing a tire {neither of which I know how to do}. My old method {cheap paper and matching ribbon}
is just not cutting it anymore. So, here are just a few of my favorite gift inspo ideas:

5 happy pair/gold foil by tokketok -- 6 mer mag via flickr -- 7 minieco -- 8 scout's honor co. -- 9 the 
                                                  haystack needle --10 thirty handmade days

Can you tell I'm loving the natural brown paper look? What are your favorite ways to make a gift special?

Oh and, one more thing - here's a fantastic tutorial on wrapping the perfect gift that I found over on
Real Simple - check it out. 


  1. I love well-wrapped gifts! I often use brown kraft paper as wrapping paper, particularly since it can be easily customized depending on the occasion. And those vintage maps are beautiful, but I feel like I'd be scared to rip the paper!

  2. ooo i love this post! I am TOTALLY going to start using maps...

  3. I love the maps! There's also Constitution wrapping paper available in the Capitol which I obviously adore! :)

  4. Lovely way to make gifts look extra special and personal.


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