get on the shelf {libre clothing}

Oh hi! I'm so excited to finally be blogging about one of Columbus' best local companies {and my friends} - Libre Clothing. Libre Clothing specializes in producing clothing for dialysis and chemotherapy patients. With discrete zippers hidden in the sweaters and pants, patients can stay warm and comfortable throughout their treatments. Check out the video above for the full Libre story, and learn more {or shop!} on their website.

Here's where you come in, dear readers! With the Walmart "Get on the Shelf" competition, these fabulous ladies have an amazing opportunity to have their products sold in Walmarts across the country. I know they'd love and appreciate your support! So now through April 3rd, you can vote for Libre through Facebook {click here and then 'vote with Facebook'} or through text by texting "5143" to 383838.

I'm so passionate about Libre's message and purpose, and I know this company is headed for big things in the future! Again, please show your support and share with your peeps!

{Co-founders Megan, Tess, Bethany and Mandy - so happy to call these inspirational women my friends!}


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