bright toes

When playing with color this spring, don't forget to dress your feet! Bright, poppy shoes are the easiest way {with the least commitment} to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Stick with a classic shape {pointy pump, flat or oxford}, but push the limits and choose a neon or pastel hue. Even better, pick a print and pair with some fancy cropped pants!

all shoes are Asos - which is offering 29% off ANYTHING until midnight tonight! Go go go go go..


  1. Ugh. Asos are so jolly. I had not heard of them before. But, they literally only have 3 pairs available for my mammoth foot size and they are all fug ;(

    I really like those flowery ones at the top though!

    1. another uplifting blog comment by ms. roy :)

  2. Those orange ones in the middle are beauts! I would love to pair those with dark khaki pants and a cream colored lace top.


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