dainty rings {DIY tutorial}

Tiny, delicate rings seem to be popping up everywhere {like here, here, and here} and I absolutely love their soft, feminine look. But when I saw this article on Who What Wear, I about barfed when I saw the price of some of these beauties. It's a recession people! Let's put our DIY pants on.

Confession: I got my wire at Lowe's. Their price is definitely right, but if you want other color/width options, you can check out some legit jewelry wire at craft stores, like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. To begin, cut a small piece of wire.

Fit around the finger that you plan to wear the ring on.

Make a loop, carefully slide it off your finger and trim the ends.

Using your pliers, tie the ends of the wire around the loop...

...until you get a heart shape. You can either stop here and trim the edges at the bottom, or....

...just keep wrapping! I did this and went with a simple knot for my first try. You could get crazy with the shapes you create.

At this point, use your pliers to smooth out any angles left in the circular ring. Below are my final products.

I have to say - this might be my favorite DIY yet! Simple, cheap, and each ring takes about five minutes to make. Oh and, the results are super cute. 

{Wanna get really fancy? Try sculpting your initial - inspiration here.}


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