fun {holiday} friday finds

1. Glitter Nails, 3 Ways {via A Cozy Kitchen} : Love the glitter nails that are alllll over pinterest lately? Here are the tutorials you've been dreaming of! Adrianna makes it super easy - I tried {and love the results of!} the "glitter gradient" myself a few nights ago. And is there a better time to sport festive sparkly nails than the holiday season? I think not.

2. Smashbox Cream Eye Liner Palette : I tried smashbox cream eyeliners for the first time a few years ago, and I've never gone back to pencil liners - they're easy to use and super smudge-able for smoldering, dramatic looks. This palette lets you try out all their fabulous colors - again, there's no better excuse than a fun holiday party to amp up your makeup routine! Did I mention this little baby is currently only nine dollars at Sephora? Go, go, go!

3. Bag Balm : I'll give you a sec to chuckle to yourself...done? Mmk. This stuff may have a funny name and ambiguous uses {it was originally made for farm animals!}, but it's one of the best products I've ever used on my lips. In the bitter winter, Bag Balm will keep your lips moisturized and smooth {holiday necessity - mistletoe...!}. You can pick up some online or at most drugstores - and FYI, one tin will last forever.

4. Essie Good to Go! Fastest Drying Top Coat : Ya wanna know one of my favorite pastimes? Painting my nails in bed, right before I go to sleep {see: #1}. Wet nails + cuddling up in my sheets = one hot mess. This Essie top coat literally sets your color in two minutes. So, it goes without saying - BEST $7 I'VE EVER SPENT. Get some of this {online, Target or anywhere that carries Essie} for your festive sparkly and/or colorful last-minute manicures before your holiday festivities. It's a necessity!!

5. The Beauty Department {Hair Tutorials} :  I could try to make some lame video of me curling my hair - or I could just point you in the direction of people {i.e. Lauren Conrad} who know what they're doing. Some adorable, party-appropriate hairstyle ideas and easy-to-follow how-tos can be found over at the Beauty Department. If you're not already a reader of this fab beauty blog, you should become one!

Have a beautiful weekend - Christmas Eve is just one week + one day away!


  1. 1. i still think you should make a hair video dedicated to me and post it.

    2. the top coat really dries in 2 mins, no smudging at all? i am skeptical, but it would be amazing

  2. Woah, woah, woah...did I introduce you to Bag Balm?! I can't take credit though, Carly got me hooked freshman year! I haven't had a container in years, might just add that to my Christmas list!


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