twenty-five candles

After a batch of delicious lemon cupcakes made by my mom {that have lasted me throughout the week}, a seriously sinful salted chocolate pot de creme from here, and a pending homemade ice cream cake from my dear friend Tess, there's a very good chance that I could be riding a major sugar high by the end of this weekend. But, that's not going to stop me from dreaming about the perfect b-day treats in the meantime! 

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photos + recipes via: a cozy kitchen, how sweet it is, spoonforkbacon


  1. Happy Birthday! Mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream ice-cream cake will be screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALLE on Friday :)

  2. Mmmm Tess's ice-cream cake...always a winner! Have a great bday!

  3. perfect birthday post these look amazing!!

  4. I hope you eat ALL of that! Yums! And thinking about Megan's lemon anything makes me hungries!!


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