design envy

Sometimes you stumble across sites that are as pretty as the content they're presenting. Here are some of my favorites, as of late.

1. D E S I G N L O V E F E S T : Bri makes me really wish I went to art school. Beautiful photo editing, fun typefaces, simple + happy design - and did I mention an adorable author with amazing taste? Make this one of your daily reads - it's just a burst of happiness!

2. Oh Joy! : I recently discovered Joy's blog, and promptly spent two hours getting in lost in old posts. Food, design, fashion and snippets of her everyday life - her posts constantly have me asking, "why didn't I think of that??" Case in point: her closet & casa post series - absolutely genius!

3. show + tell: It's hard to choose between the simple + beautiful design or the gorgeous photos on Allie's blog - good thing I don't have to! Not only is she behind the lens, but she also hosts "Photo Challenges" through which other photographers can submit and display their work {there's one going on now!}. Also - Allison is a new real-life friend! I love knowing cool people. 

Take some time and check out these lovely blogs. I promise you won't be disappointed! Have a beautiful weekend!

photo via pinterest


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