glitter, glitter everywhere {DIY tutorial}

...seriously. It's all over my apartment.

{Remember these?

Me too. Swoon!}

This past weekend I ventured to Michael's for Halloween costume trimmings and lollipop sticks {for more cake pop-making!} - and when I saw this Martha Stewart glitter, I remembered the DIY shoes that I mentioned last Monday. I couldn't pass it up!

I picked these little boots up at DSW {marked way down on clearance}, and decided to follow a combination of these DIY tutorials from Henry Happened and Le Fanciulle to try and mimic the glitter booties of my dreams. 

I'm not gonna lie - I kind of love them! This would be a great update for any simple flats or heels that you no longer wear - just make sure to paint enough coats {I did about four} so all the color underneath is covered. Try it out! {and if you do, let me know how it goes!}

Happy DIYing!


  1. Um I'm beyond impressed! Love them!!

  2. I am a lifelong hater of glitter...but I can't help but love your sparkly footwear! I am also super wowed by your DIY bedazzling abilities.

  3. @Bethany ha ha I will convert you to a glitter lover soon enough!

  4. I think I only want a panel of glitter on mine. Not a whole glittery shoe. I think a panel is less Dorothy and more edgy. ;)

  5. these are too cool! such a cute idea!


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