carbo loadin'

This Sunday morning, I'll be running in my very first half-marathon! The best part about the big race? Perhaps training and whipping into shape...or the sense of accomplishment when you cross that finish line? Nah - it's definitely all the carbs you get to eat beforehand. This weekend will consist of eating pasta with my mom and "resting our legs" for race-day...sounds like a pretty great time to me! Here are some of the carbs of my dreams that will inspire me to keep on, running...this weekend.

creamy mushroom gnocchi {how sweet it is}

autumn mac & cheese {how sweet it is} 

scalloped hasselback potatoes {a cozy kitchen} 

chicken enchilada spaghetti {how sweet it is} 

baked lemon pasta {the pioneer woman}

breakfast pasta {spoon fork bacon}

Good luck to all the Columbus half- and full-marathon runners!


  1. Now, I'm hungry...for carbs. Good luck Halle!! :)

  2. I love all those foodie blogs, they have the best looking food! Good luck this weekend!


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