dippin' dots

In the realm of patterns, polka dots are pretty low on my list of favorites. These ladies are pretty much what comes to mind when I imagine wearing the pattern. I sported a pretty similar get-up a few Halloweens ago when I dressed up as Betty Draper, and as much as I love the costume and the 1960s time period, wearing this pattern in real-life can easily become kitsch and cutesy.

my little peacock friend, lindsey - you're welcome. 

Incidentally, dots are everywhere this fall. However, the new ways to wear this print are different, fresh and sexy. Check out some of my strategies to style this trend in funky and totally 2011 ways.

Mix it up.. {with other prints}

Sex it up.. {with sheers and form-fitting fabrics}

Layer it.. {with a jacket or vest}


Pair it.. {with brights and solids}

Try these techniques and no doubt we'll all be looking this chic this fall...


  1. I love me some polka dots! Thanks for showing me how to do it right this Fall! :)


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