Baby Nyles!

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take some pictures of my friend's precious new baby, Nyles. He is the sweetest! It was a bit of a feat trying to time the sun and a newborn's nap time, but I managed I snapped some cute shots. Welcome to the world, Baby Nyles!



Photographic Floral Collage
Digital Glitch
I stumbled upon Kristi Klout's beautiful and entrancing mixed media artwork while browsing Pinterest and immediately fell in love. The texture, color and organic shapes of her pieces just make me happy! Her work is warm and summery and instantly mood-lifting, which is desperately needed here in (still) snowy Chiberia.

a very bachelor vday

A few weeks ago, I had a little reunion weekend with some of my best friends. Back when we lived in the same city (*tear*), we had a weekly Monday night ritual of eating dinner and cookies, painting our nails and watching terrible reality TV. Our reunion fell on Valentine's Day weekend, so inspired by love and Juan Pabs, I made Bachelor-themed valentines for my Monday night gals. A bit late I know, but I kind of loved them and wanted to share! 

Happy Monday! xx

monday musings: back at it

flower #7 by jamie beck | illustration by garance dore
Oh hi! Right where I left you.

So (sooooo) many things have changed since my last post (almost exactly!) a year ago. It's been one of those years that you look back and it feels like forever ago, but also, like everything just happened yesterday. A short summary of events might include:

-- quitting my job, moving to Chicago and starting grad school.

-- experiencing a lot of pain while ending relationships, but creating a lot of joy while cherishing old friends and meeting new ones.

-- living with a cat.

-- only wearing my Ohio State stuff in the house. (But seriously everyone hates us.)

-- watching dear friends find love, get engaged, get married and have babies.

-- selling my car and falling in love with public transportation.

-- no longer looking forward to Mondays. :(

-- missing everyone a lot, all the time, always.

-- being creative and being surrounded with wonderful, creative people every day. Pinch me! It's a dream.

In a few words: amazing, terrifying, challenging, inspiring. But most importantly (and why I'm here), my creative wheels have been turning - I'm excited to be back and sharing some of that. I've missed it!

monday {DIY} musings

Hey there friends! Happy Monday, and it's time for another DIY collabo with the lovelies over at Piece of Chic.

For the past couple years, one of my favorite looks has been a simple jeans and tee with a funky, sparkly or bright necklace. It's casual yet super stylish - you really cannot do wrong with this combo! Inspired by a lovely J.Crew {duh} bauble, I decided to DIY a unique statement necklace and I'm loving the results. Check it out ---> right here!

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